Chase the Ace

Week 8 Lottery Winner  –  Trinda Gray  –  $130.50           Nov. 17, 2017
Week 7 Lottery Winner  –  Will Linder  –  $139.00             Nov. 10, 2017
Week 6 Lottery Winner  –  Linda Martin  –  $130.50          Nov. 3, 2017
Week 5 Lottery Winner  –  Will Linder  –  $106.00             Oct. 27, 2017
Week 4 Lottery Winner  –  Gary Stewart  – $160.50          Oct. 20, 2017
Week 3 Lotter Winner  – Gary Stewart  –   $150.00            Oct. 13, 2017
Week 2 Lottery Winner  –  Karen Pierce  –  $137.00         Oct 6, 2017
 Week 1 Lottery Winner  –  Lisa Calhoun  –  $97.50         Sept 29, 2017
Chase the Ace Round 6 – Beginning Sept 29, 2017

 Chase the Ace JACKPOT WINNER – Arlene Derrick – $2500 Sept 1, 2017
Chase the Ace Lottery Winner  –  Week 12  –  Russell Taylor  –  $112.50

Chase the Ace Lottery Winner  –  Week 11  –  Terri Cronkhite  –  $112.50

Chase the Ace Lottery Winner  – Week  –  Week 10  –  John McIroy  –  $97.50

Chase the Ace Lottery Winner  –  Week 9  –   Gary Dukeshire  –  $90.00

Chase the Ace Lottery Week  – 8  –

Chase the Ace Lottery Winner  –  Week 7  – Ray Derrick  –  $102.00
Chase the Ace Lottery Winner  –  Week 6  –  Kyla McDougall  $177.00
Chase the Ace Lottery Winner  –  Week 5  –  Darlene Tapley  $145.50
Chase the Ace Lottery Winner  –  Week 4  –  Eric Ingraham  $115.50
Chase the Ace Lottery Winner  –  Week 3 –  Terri Cronkhite   $136.50

Chase the Ace Lottery Winner  –  Week 2  – Ken Giberson  $190.00

Chase the Ace Lottery Winner – Week 1 –  Murray Metcalfe  $120.00

Chase the Ace Guidelines – May 2017



2 thoughts on “Chase the Ace

  1. Hello:
    Our church in Caledonia is looking to raise funds for building repairs. We have a few questions:
    a) What are the costs of applying for Chase the Ace license?
    b) How long does it take to get a licence.
    c) Are there any do’s or don’ts we should be aware of.
    d) Was it a worth while way of raising funds?

    Alex Komarniski

    • a)The licence is $25
      b)A “new user” licence may take about a month. Renewals are much quicker.
      c) The province of NB is gradually encouraging inclusion of some specific guidelines to be included in the application. Our renewal application guidelines continue to grow. Monique Levert at gnb has been very helpful and forthcoming with new guideline requirements for each of our renewals. I’m posting our most recent guidelines today. Feel free to use them as a guide for your organization. Caution: We guarantee our Jackpot at $2500 at the beginning of each round. This is a risk as it takes 10-15 weeks to legitimately generate this amount for the Jackpot. Of course, that depends totally on the number of tickets sold each week. We only sell tickets for the 2 hour period each week and players have to be on-site to collect. This is limiting but ensures people are coming to our building.
      d) Chase the Ace has been a very worthwhile venture for our organization. We chose this fundraiser 2 years ago on recommendation from a community member who saw the early successes in Nova Scotia. For our organization it has been a 2 pronged success: consistent fundraising $$ and bringing more bodies into our building regularly. Friday’s have become a social gathering for our consistent players. We also benefit from the increased bar sales generated during the event. Round was our most successful – the ace stayed in the deck for 46 weeks, we gave away $30k, and raised $40K for the club. Subsequent rounds have seen the ace drawn earlier but we always make a bit of money for capital projects. As the Jackpot grows, so do the number of people attending. Be prepared to expand your operating space! In round 1 we were fortunate to have access to our entire building and exterior property.
      If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask. I’m also open to chatting if you’d like to give me a call 328 2070

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